Rally your team around your company’s story with immersive brand workshops

Your story is the foundation of your sales and marketing activities.

But if your message is muddy, then your prospects are probably getting confused. This ends up costing you time and money.

Our brand workshop aligns your team around a clear and compelling story in less than two days. It’s a rare – and fun! – opportunity to explore your company’s unique value and truth, and create a common language to talk about it.

Is your team unclear on your brand story?

You can’t build a strong brand on a vague foundation. Does any of this sound familiar?

We can’t articulate our value proposition

Our story doesn’t represent who we are

Our team isn’t on the same page

We’ve drifted from our mission

We struggle to explain our technology

We want to differentiate our company

We’re in a time of transition

Our marketing is inconsistent

Build your brand without investing in a huge rebrand

Our workshops give you the same foundation of a rebrand in just two days —
without going through a lengthy, expensive branding initiative. You’ll get:

Your “special sauce”, articulated

Your core values and mission

An aligned (and energized) team

A clear value proposition

A story everyone can tell

  • “Working with Emma brought our team together and made everybody think differently about our story. The exercises got us out of the day-to-day stuff and helped us distill what our messaging needs to be. To this day, it was one of my favorite experiences.”

  • “Punchy helped communicate our complex B2B medical software business in a compelling and powerful way. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of a business like ours, but Punchy helped us make that critical leap from product features to our big, inspiring vision."

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