Messaging kickstarter for founders of
early-stage tech startups

Can you tell a clear and concise story about your business?

As an ambitious founder, you’re working hard to get people on board with your startup. But you haven’t quite figured out the right message yet. “Tell me about your business” is a question you’ve come to dread.

It’s time to tell the story your customers need to hear. Story Kickstarter helps you clarify your product’s value and place in the world, so customers *truly* get it.

Is an unclear story holding you back?

If you’re serious about growth, you need people to easily understand what your product is, and why it matters.
Story Kickstarter can help, especially if:

You struggle to simplify your technology

You’re sick of people “not getting it”

Your messaging feels like verbal vomit

You can’t articulate the vision in your head

You’re ready to invest in your brand

You’re looking to raise investment

Get a breakthrough for your business

Stop spinning your wheels and start making bigger moves in your business. Here’s what our clients have achieved:

Started raising money after MONTHS of "no"

Attracted interest from bigger investors

Increased demo conversions on website

Increased confidence in sales situations

Renewed excitement in the business

Upleveled brand perception

  • “Working with Punchy was an exceptional experience and one that revived my faith in outsourcing work. Punchy helped us communicate our business in a simple yet catchy way that I’m confident will make an impact for us. If you’re wondering if you should work with Punchy, I’d highly recommend it!”

  • “Punchy helped me simplify the elevator pitch and rethink the business from a bigger perspective. I used to get too tied up in everything I know and nobody cared. Punchy brought a new perspective and created a story that people actually listened to. Now, funding is happening! Things are finally breaking loose.”

  • "The ROI on this investment with Punchy is incredibly high. Your strategic story is one of the most leveraged places you can put your resources. It is too important to not invest in.”

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Tell a story that punches above
your weight

Story Kickstarter establishes your core messaging in just 3 weeks. Because founders need to move fast ; )


Tell us all about it

You’ll fill out an online questionnaire to help us understand your current messaging struggles, product details, immediate business goals/challenges and market context. This takes around 30-min to complete.


Experience new clarity

Together, we’ll thrash out your story in a 2-hour strategy session (via Zoom conference). We’ll delve into fun stuff like differentiation, benefits and aspirational value. Expect a-ha moments and renewed excitement about your business.


Get your story straight

We’ll give you a Messaging Guide: a document that outlines your high-level story, including: value proposition, company description and key benefits. You’ll also get a recording of our session together.


Love your homepage

Finally, we’ll bring your new message to life through homepage copy. The narrative will tell a deeper product story, highlight its unique value, and create a digital home that genuinely supports your marketing and sales efforts.

Ready to tell the story your business deserves?

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