Go from “I can’t explain it clearly” to feeling confident in your story

You’re a founder with a clear vision – but your messaging feels muddled.

In your head, you know exactly why your product or service is awesome. But it’s hard to convey it to the outside world. “Tell me about your company” is a question you’ve come to dread. You’re not sure how to tell a clear and concise story. You end up rambling.

It’s not your fault...it’s harder for founders to figure out their own messaging.

Our Story Coaching program helps you stop spinning your wheels and get the expert guidance you need to clarify your core messaging. Because you can’t grow your business with the wrong message.

Feel like you can't quite
get your story straight?

If you’re serious about growth, you need people to easily understand what your product is and why it matters. Story Coaching is perfect for early-stage tech founders, especially if:

You feel like you’re vomiting technical features

You make things sound too complicated or technical

You’re not sure what to say to different audiences

You don’t know how to connect tomorrow’s vision with today’s product

Clarify your message &
move your business forward

Story Coaching shows you how to effectively message and position your tech product for the right audience. The results are dramatic for early-stage businesses. Here’s what our clients have achieved:

Started raising money after MONTHS of “no”

Attracted interest from bigger investors

Increased website conversions

Clarified marketing strategy

More successful sales conversations

Renewed excitement in the business

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How we stop you spinning your wheels

Through 1-on-1 consultation, Story Coaching takes you through a simple framework to establish your core messaging in just 3 weeks. It’s the quickest way to take ownership of your company’s messaging and positioning.


Strategy Session

Over two 90-minute sessions (via Zoom), we’ll take you through simple, focused exercises to clarify the key pieces of your story. Together, we’ll talk about your ideal customers, differentiation, benefits, your company’s unique value and more. Expect aha moments and new clarity.


Follow the Framework

We'll create the messaging and complete a framework together. The framework will outline key pieces of your story, including: value proposition, key benefits and brand personality.


Review & Refine

In a 1-hour follow up meeting, we’ll review your messaging framework and make final recommendations or adjustments. We’ll also provide guidance on how to apply your new messaging to your website and beyond.

Ready to tell the story your business deserves?

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