Messaging strategy for
growth-stage tech companies

It’s not enough to have the best technology anymore.

You have to be the best at conveying your product’s value. You have to make your new technology meaningful to people. You have to share your vision. Otherwise, you end up sounding like everyone else.

Punchy helps your company tell its story with clarity and conviction. Our Messaging Breakthrough simplifies your complex offering, differentiates your solution and conveys genuine value to your audience.

Is your company ready to play bigger?

What got you here won’t get you there. Get the right messaging strategy to take your company to the next level, especially if:

You’re launching a new product

You recently acquired another business

You’re ready to up-level your brand

You’re expanding into new verticals or markets

Your team is growing & you need to build consistency

You raised new investment

Words that feel right.
Results that spur growth

Messaging is the foundation of your sales and marketing activities. Here’s what our clients have achieved with our support:

Established a unique position in a crowded market

Differentiated from similar solutions

Increased product demo conversions on website

Increased ROI on marketing activities

Helped to shorten sales cycles

Simplified complex technology, so more prospects “got it”

Galvanized teams around an authentic story

Attracted new investment

  • “Messaging is the foundation of everything we do. If you get that wrong, it doesn’t matter what else you do. Punchy brought simplicity and a point of view to our messaging that have become pillars for our marketing and sales teams.”

  • “A lot of consultancies out there can do surveys and interviews and explain the data. What sets Punchy apart is their ability to articulate simply what that data actually means to you as a business. Emma’s passion for the customer voice and ability to understand the nuances of different people in diverse industries — their motivations and needs — is powerful and rare.”
  • “The best thing we did was get out of all those stupid buzzwords. Now our sales and marketing talks about stuff no one else is talking about. Punchy carved us out a position in the marketplace where no one else is operating.”

  • “Punchy helped communicate our complex B2B medical software business in a compelling and powerful way. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of a business like ours, but Punchy helped us make that critical leap from product features to our big, inspiring vision."

  • “Working with Punchy provided us with invaluable clarity. We had struggled for a long time to be everything to everyone – Punchy helped us hone in on who our target customer should be and how we can craft our messaging to be relevant to them. It has been a game changer for our team and has made decision making so much easier.”

  • “Anyone who works with Punchy will walk away with a purpose they’ll be able to share with the world. We’re all purpose-driven–some of us just don’t know it yet…or don’t know how to explain it. Punchy will help you unleash your purpose so you can tell it to the world.”

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You move fast. So do we

Our accelerated approach only takes 8 weeks to complete
. Here’s how it works:


Clarify your strategy

First, we tackle any strategic issues behind your current messaging. We map out your growth goals. We assess your competitors to find opportunities to zig where others zag.


Understand your customer

Great messaging is in your customer’s language, not yours. Through phone interviews, we understand how your customers talk about your product’s value, plus their own underlying motivations and needs. This ensures messaging that resonates.


Align in a team workshop

We find the answer together, as a team. We bring your team together in a vibrant, interactive working session that engages open, honest discussion to align on the best opportunities. It’s a rare and energizing opportunity to see your business with fresh eyes.


Develop great messaging

Based on the above, we’ll create your Messaging Playbook – a foundational resource to help your company tell a consistent story across different channels, activities and departments. Includes brand and product messaging that hits home with audiences, establishes a unique place in the market and supports growth goals.


Bring your message to life

After the messaging engagement, Punchy can bring your story to life in your website copy, business overview, pitch deck, sell sheets and more.

Ready to tell the story your business deserves?