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November 27, 2019
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December 2, 2019

Differentiating the market leader

Product Messaging | Positioning Strategy



DiscoverOrg (now ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg) is a market leading provider of B2B sales intelligence — they offer highly accurate, vetted intelligence to power sales and marketing team efforts. As a high-growth company, DiscoverOrg was ready to take their brand to the next level with new messaging.


"Punchy helped us differentiate with a messaging strategy that championed our customers. They helped us find the right words to convey the unique value we offer."

Katie Bullard, President



Differentiate from competitors saying the same stuff

DiscoverOrg’s market was noisy — everybody used the same language and touted the same features and business benefits. DiscoverOrg wanted their messaging to stand out and say something different.

Convey the value of their premium sales intelligence

After acquiring its closest rival, DiscoverOrg now had to compete with cheaper data providers. DiscoverOrg wanted their messaging to convey the value of their premium sales intelligence compared to other vendors of “good enough” data.

Enable a growing marketing team

DiscoverOrg’s marketing team was growing fast, including a network of independent contractors. They needed a messaging guide to keep their brand consistent and strong.



Championing salespeople with a customer-centric story

Most data providers simply talk about their data and its features. Punchy helped DiscoverOrg take a different approach with messaging that focused on their customers: salespeople. Through customer phone interviews, we discovered what their customers really cared about, what they valued, and how DiscoverOrg changed their personal lives.

The new messaging highlighted emotional benefits, like feeling more confident, and the real challenges prospects face. It also used customer language, so it resonated.

Energized & aligned internal teams in a workshop

We facilitated a one-day workshop with executive leadership from sales, product and marketing. Blending customer insights with group exercises, the team workshopped ideas for DiscoverOrg’s messaging and positioning. This brought authenticity to the DiscoverOrg story and established critical buy-in.

Created a corporate campaign

During the workshop, we drew out DiscoverOrg’s “why” or driving purpose: to help ambitious companies find a quicker path to their growth goals. We dubbed these companies “growthbound” — the concept got so much traction internally that it became the name of DiscoverOrg’s podcast, and featured in corporate campaigns.

Developed a standout brand voice

As an ambitious sales organization, DiscoverOrg had a strong and hustling company culture. They were self-assured, bold and had a sense of humor. They knew sales inside and out. So Punchy developed a brand voice that brought their personality to light and made their marketing pop. Practical, easy-to-use voice guidelines ensured independent contractors and new hires could keep the brand voice consistent.



Differentiated DiscoverOrg from competitors

The new messaging tells a very different story from DiscoverOrg competitors, solidifying an ownable and defensible place in the market.

Consistency across marketing activities

The messaging framework enabled DiscoverOrg’s prolific marketing department to tell a consistent story to the market.

Elevated brand perception

The tone of voice contributed to DiscoverOrg’s new, fresh and authentic brand image that helped them stand out – cementing their leadership in the market.