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Want to take your messaging to the
next level?


Need to make your complex product sound simpler?


Want to differentiate from the noise of other solutions?


Want to tell a consistent story during rapid growth?


Not sure how to talk to new audiences and markets?

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Tell the story your customers need to hear

There have never been more products, more innovation, more noise. It’s not enough to simply be the better technology. You have to show people how your technology could make their life better.

Many companies try to convey the power of their solutions with “tech talk” – it’s all about the cool features and functionality. But this approach doesn’t work. Prospects tune out the buzzwords and move on.

We believe in a better way. Our approach makes sure you tell a story that hits home with your prospects. We’ll help you sell the value of complex products, differentiate from competitors and own your truth as an organization.

How to work with us

Positioning & Messaging

Positioning & Messaging development for growth stage startups & established companies

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In our clients' words

Max Altschuler

VP of Marketing, Outreach

“As the fourth-fastest growing tech company in America, we needed to tell a story that resonated with a wide range of audiences. Punchy helped us create a messaging strategy that did just that. Best of all, it feels authentic to who we are as a passionate, customer-focused team.”

Ankur Arora

VP Marketing Strategy, A Cloud Guru

“Punchy gave us clarity in where we stand as a company and a deeper understanding of what our customers truly care about following a major acquisition. Emma is a rockstar. She led the global positioning and messaging engagement from start to finish — gathering and transforming a huge amount of data into a simple messaging strategy. She allowed us to make informed decisions with confidence and gave us a common framework for building consistency across sales and marketing as we scale.”

Katie Bullard

President, A Cloud Guru

“A lot of consultancies out there can do surveys and interviews and explain the data. What sets Punchy apart is their ability to articulate simply what that data actually means to you as a business. Emma’s passion for the customer voice and ability to understand the nuances of different people in diverse industries — their motivations and needs — is powerful and rare.”

Jordan Greene

Sr Director of Product Marketing, Outreach

“Messaging is the foundation of everything we do. If you get that wrong, it doesn’t matter what else you do. Punchy brought simplicity and a point of view to our messaging that have become pillars for our marketing and sales teams.” 

DeAnn Poe

VP Marketing, DiscoverOrg (now ZoomInfo)

“Punchy’s process was clear, inclusive, and aligned a leadership team of big personalities around a compelling narrative in a matter of weeks. The messaging strategy Emma created with us was something our sales and marketing could really own, and the brand voice helped us stand out from the competition. She really “got us” from day one and nailed our positioning and messaging. I recommend Punchy to everyone.”

Tom Kuhr

CMO, Greenfly

“Developing a cohesive messaging strategy for a fast-moving startup is a big challenge. Punchy came in, cut right through our research, data, and the technical 'how it works', and guided us to a fresh and differentiated story that the team could rally behind. Emma is awesome to work with — a real expert who’s happy to roll up her sleeves and tackle the hard stuff with you. She brought unique, outsider perspectives and great partnership. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Brett Darrow

CEO & Co-founder, Sagacity Golf Technologies

“The best thing we did was get out of all those stupid buzzwords. Now our sales and marketing talks about stuff no one else is talking about. Punchy carved us out a position in the marketplace where no one else is operating.”